Well, that’s cool.

Yeah, it’s kinda cool to have been nominated to an award. Especially when it’s in a field one isn’t so comfortable in yet. hihi. I am so surprised and had super-duper-ultra-mega dropped jaw upon reading the announcement. Well, that’s cool, I told myself.

So, sure Miss Mari, I am accepting the award. Why not? 🙂 (And I am resolved to finish the project I have started, miss.)  Thank you for paving the way and continuously inspiring a lot of people through your word party. I am so a fan of you. :3

Here goes the fun part – Q&A portion.

What is your favourite desert? -Caramel, vanilla ice cream and ripe mango. Now put them all together, awwww most delicious. 

What is the title of the book that you could read over and over and over again? -Blue Like Jazz. Period.

What song do you listen to over and over and over again? -Well, since I’ve recently watched Les Miserables, I’d say it’s the song – Do you hear the people sing? I actually used this song to psyche me out on our Jungle Log Jam’s ride yesterday. I can’t explain how and why, but hah!, it worked.

If you could ask God just one question… what would it be? -This is the second time I am asked with this question. Funny. If I could ask Him just one question, it would be – How could you be so good to me?

Most memorable memory? -The throwing of caps during the UPLB Commencement Exercises April 2012. I was a bit emotional then, the gesture felt like enveloping my whole six year of college journey. (nostalgic)

Skirts or pants? -Pants. A boot-cut one.

Bangles or earrings? -Earrings. I usually wear a pair of danglings on occasions. I like them hanging there, under my ear. 😛

Pen and paper or electronic whatevers (laptops, iPad, etc)? -A sharpie and small pieces of paper.

Who’s one of the five people you’ll meet in heaven? -This is challenging. Suddenly, pictures of people came rushing to my mind but the first was this old man I met some years ago in LB. He was wearing a tube on his nose at that time connected to a wheeled bag beside him, waiting for a jeep ride to i-didn’t-know-where. I wanted to know if his confusion about heaven has been made clear.

Why do you write? -It’s therapeutic for me. I get to know myself more and I get to examine each cloud of thought hovering in my mind. (Sounds pretty selfish. haha)

And the nominees for the Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award are *drums*

Oops.  I only have one nominee. *drums again*

Miss Pluma and her awesomely articulated entries. She has made her thoughts more alive through letters formed words, formed phrases, formed articles. Hooray!

Now to accept this award, you have to answer the following questions.

1. Blue or red?

2. Froyo or ice cream?

3. Musical or poetry reading?

4. Two most sweetest things.

5. If you could buy something/anything, money aside, what is it?


1. Include the sisterhood award logo on your blog.

2. Acknowledge the person who passed this to you by tagging her (me) on your post.

3. Answer the questions above.

4. Nominate blogs or links of your favorites, and notify them. The number of nominees depends on you.

Cheers to the sisterhood of world bloggers!


Well, that’s cool.

4 thoughts on “Well, that’s cool.

  1. Yey! Cheers, Gi! Thank you for joining my word party. 😀 Here’s to more parties! I’ll read Blue Like Jazz over and over again, too. I read there’s an app? Haha. And Did You Hear The People Sing is pretty cool, too.

      1. I think it’s kinda like an audiobook. I saw that it was for iPhones, I haven’t checked if it will work with Mini Mouse. 😀 Haha! I should edit my one! That confuses me all the time. 😀 My favorite one is the Painted Deserts! LOL

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